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Tonya C.

As someone who trains very hard daily at the gym, I find that I am constantly juggling stiffness, knots, tension and at times inability to have a full range of motion. I started seeing Korrey and Kai shortly after the opening of K2 and have been doing so weekly since. I am thoroughly impressed with not only how much better I feel but also how my training sessions have improved. In addition, being a competitor I have noticed significant improvements with my posing after seeing them and having work done on areas lacking. I never knew something like this existed and always relied on deep tissue massages. I still use those periodically, but the service the Tillers offer has now been incorporated into my weekly recovery routine.. especially since that is an area that needs the most work. I am so happy I have found them and will continue to use and recommend them to anyone who could benefit from their work.. which is likely almost everyone.