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Welcome to K2 Motions Stretch Studio, the holistic way to move better for life.


Inhibitory techniques will help to release tension or decrease the activity of overactive muscles in the body.

Lengthening techniques will help to increase the range of motion (ROM) of the muscles in your body.

Activation techniques are used to re-educate or increase the activation of under-active muscles.

Integration techniques are used to retrain all muscles to work synergistically in ways that transfer to daily activities of life.

#1 in Motion Therapy


We are the Tillers, owners of K2 Motions Stretch Studio in Augusta, GA. The service we provide to our community is to get the people of Augusta moving the right way. Our program is designed to realign the body, increase mobility, and relieve chronic pain/achy joints. We use various corrective exercise techniques to reduce tension, increase flexibility, and have our clients feeling brand new that SAME DAY!

We have a passion to see the world around us healthier, and on a road to truly living their best lives. We believe that with our many years of combined healthcare experience and knowledge with the human body and behavior, we have the tools to see people change in a non-surgical manner.

Who We Are


We are different from your general fitness studio or Physical Therapy clinic. In fact, we combine a little bit of flavor from both spectrums. We are trained in fitness as well as in the art of treating the body. Our main method of treatment is through stretching and myofascial release.​

Whether you are looking to add more mobility to your daily life or ease chronic pains that have been nagging you for years, we are more than capable and ready to help. In our studio, we assist individuals from every walk of life. From athletes to weekend warriors, we can service your needs.


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Hear from our loyal clients!

To say we highly recommend K2 Motions Stretch Studio would be a huge understatement. My daughter who is a competition cheerleader was barely able to compete at Spirit of Hope in January due to muscle pain in her back and obliques without being stretched out by the trainers before every performance. Because of that, we decided to be proactive and take her to Korrey to be evaluated the following week. He identified multiple muscle imbalances and After just a couple of seasons my daughter’s pain was alleviated and her performance factor increased dramatically. She was able to perform at Cheersport Nationals and So You Think You Can Tumble less than a month later completely pain-free. It doesn’t matter what sport you participate in or if you’re just a gym rat K2 can help you optimize your performance and mobility.

Today was my first session with Kiah at K2Motions. I came in with chronic lower back pain and more recent pain in my knee. I didn't know exactly what to expect but I did not expect the knee pain to disappear...but it did! After a somewhat painful stretching and manipulation of my very very tight hamstrings, I was immediately able to do a squat and lunge with NO knee pain! My back will take a bit longer but I am SOLD on their services. So glad to have found an alternative to the buffet of medication I've been prescribed for the pain. I am impressed by the results but also by the professionalism shown to me today. Thanks, I'll be seeing you again soon.

Amazing service! I highly recommend them. They know exactly what they are doing, they listen, they explain why something might be wrong, and they have such positive attitudes. They make you feel like a valued person, not just another client. They take their time with you, and you get results. 5 stars because Excellent customer service Excellent experience Excellent results And they will exceed your expectations. I had my shoulders adjusted and my mobility in my shoulders was wider, my posture changed, and I was breathing better. If I need more adjustments in the future, I know where I’m going to go!

As someone who trains very hard daily at the gym, I find that I am constantly juggling stiffness, knots, tension and at times inability to have a full range of motion. I started seeing Korrey and Kai shortly after the opening of K2 and have been doing so weekly since. I am thoroughly impressed with not only how much better I feel but also how my training sessions have improved. In addition, being a competitor I have noticed significant improvements with my posing after seeing them and having work done on areas lacking. I never knew something like this existed and always relied on deep tissue massages. I still use those periodically, but the service the Tillers offer has now been incorporated into my weekly recovery routine.. especially since that is an area that needs the most work. I am so happy I have found them and will continue to use and recommend them to anyone who could benefit from their work.. which is likely almost everyone.



WE'VE MOVED COME SEE US AT - 211 Hudson Trace Ste. C, Augusta, GA 30907

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