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We are the TILLERS’, owners of K2 Motions Stretch Studio in Augusta, GA. The service we provide to our community is to get the people of Augusta moving the right way. Our program is designed to realign the body, increase mobility, and relieve chronic pain/achy joints . We use various corrective exercise techniques to reduce tension, increase flexibility, and have our clients feeling brand new that SAME DAY!

We have a passion to see the world around us healthier, and on a road to truly living their best lives. We believe that with our many years of combined healthcare experience and knowledge with the human body and behavior.  We have the tools to see people change in a non-surgical manner.

We are different from your general fitness studio or Physical Therapy clinic. In fact, we combine a little bit of flavor from both spectrums. We are trained in fitness as well as trained in the art of treating the body. Our main method of treatment is through stretching and myofascial release.​

Whether you are looking to add more mobility to your daily life or ease chronic pains that have been nagging over the years; we are more than ready and capable to help. In our studio, we assist individuals from every walk of life. From athletes to weekend warriors we can service your needs.

Korrey Tiller

Korrey attended the University of Georgia and studied business marketing. Upon finishing, Korrey felt that he had more to learn and refused to sit in an office being sedentary. He then moved to Germany and studied at a prestige institute overseas. Through the school he has accomplished the title of Fachsport Lehrer. Essentially, equivalent to Physiology of the Body with accreditation. He has 10 years of experience in the functionality of the human body.  Korrey is also, a veteran of the Army serving 9 years as an infantryman.    He wants to give back to those who served and protected the country.  “I am a firm believer that if we take the talents that God has given us, couple it with our natural gift; then we will have an awesome and excited plan. I have my purpose in life and I am here to help YOU!”

Kiah Tiller

Kiah holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and is certified as an Corrective Exercise Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She has 10 years of exercise physiology & anatomy experience with all populations from adolescents to elderly.  She has worked in gym settings as a personal trainer as well as physical therapy clinics.  Kiah also ran track & field at the University of Toledo specializing in long jump and triple jump.  “My philosophy is that a healthy body is more than looks; it releases self- confidence, high- esteem, and the courage to inspire others who want to live a healthy lifestyle as well.  Obtaining my own goals is wonderful, but aiding others to achieve their goals as well brings joy to my soul.


Inhibitory techniques to release tension or decrease activity of overactive muscles in the body 


Lengthening techniques to increase range of motion (ROM) of the muscles in the body


Activation techniques are used to re educate or increase activation of under-active muscles


Integration techniques are used to retrain all muscles to work synergistically that transfers to daily activities of life